Meet C.H. Guy

C.H. Guy is life coach guru that has excelled at providing, motivation and guidance to a varied and extensive clientele list of satisfied clients. Guy specializes in career transitions and making healthier life decisions.

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What is Life Coaching

A life coach will help a person understand their skill set and how those skills relate to achieving their goals. They will also help their client remain focused on the task and help them to recognize and surmount many of the perceived or real obstacles that stand between them and their goals.

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Past Clients

"When I lost my job at this age, I was unprepared and it became an indictment in my mind of my capabilities. However, I did not have the time at that stage to be indulged in negativity about my circumstances. I am familiar with Mr. Guy’s services in this realm and did not hesitate to call." - Jessica W.

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Privacy Statement
Disclaimer - I am a trained life coach and health councilor but I'm NOT a doctor. Please consult your physician.